Photography Guide

As I work directly from photos, it is important they are of a good quality. This enables me to create a detailed portrait for you.


Photos can come from a camera or smart phone as long as they are in good natural lighting and clear. Top Tip, treats work as a brilliant lure to get the perfect pose! Try having someone next to you holding the treat or toy next to your phone or camera to get the perfect eye contact.


With dogs, the standard sort of photo would be a close-up headshot, preferably taken at eye level and either outside or in a naturally well lit room as the sunlight picks up all the details in the fur. However, if you have a photo of your animal in another pose you would like me to paint from, I am happy to discuss. With cats, any pose generally works. With horses and other animals, please email me for guidance.


If there are multiple animals in the painting then you should take separate photos using the guidelines above and I will paint them into the same portrait.


We will work together to choose the perfect picture for your commission.

Pet Portraits