Meet the Animals

I aim to connect the viewer to nature by bringing the animal's personality to my work. It is important to me to depict the animals natural behavior in my paintings, rather than simply creating 'cute characters'. To do this, we travel all over Scotland to find inspiration, painting directly from my partner's photography. This is why I also name my animals, to add to the connection and capture their characters. 

All of my animals have their own story which you can discover below!

Sandy the Shetland

Sandy the Shetland Pony

Surprisingly, I didn’t see Sandy in Shetland… instead it was on the beautiful Ardnamurchan
Peninsular. A Shetland has been one of my most requested designs and it was an absolute pleasure to meet Sandy and paint them.

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Patrick the Pheasant

Patrick the Pheasant

Patrick is a handsome Pheasant. These distinguished creatures are scattered across the UK countryside and has been frequently requested as a design. Patrick, visited us whilst we were on a holiday near Castle Doulas.

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Heather the Highland Cow

Heather the Highland Cow

Heather is a beautiful young Highland Cow we spotted during a trip to The Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar. She was so curios and most definitely posed for the camera, even sticking her tongue out at us. Her cute character meant I just had to paint her!

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The Clan Highland Cows

The Clan

The Clan is a series of three Highland Cows that we spotted on the Isle of Mull. Mull is FULL of highland cows of a variety of colours. I knew I wanted to paint a piece to represent the variety of gorgeous Highland cows Scotland has to offer!

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Hamish the Highland Cow

Hamish is a handsome Highland Cow that we where fortunate to have at the bottom of the garden whilst on holiday in Ardnamurchan. He was an inquisitive beast and visited us regularly throughout our stay. I knew that I wanted to paint a Highland Cow from the offset and I thought he would be perfect.

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Victoria Gordon Art Stephen the Stag

Stephen the Stag

Stephen the Stag is from the Cairngorms National Park. The Red Stag is an iconic image when you think of Scotland and is one of my personal favourites. We where extremely fortunate to spot this magnificent animal whilst on holiday near Kingussie. I was immediately captured by his grace and felt inspired to paint him.

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Victoria Gordon Art Piper the Puffin

Piper the Puffin

Piper is an adorable Puffin from the Isle of May, on the Fife coast. We where fortunate to get very close to these cute and inquisitive creatures, giving me the opportunity to watch them in the air and on land. After our visit I felt compelled to paint one as they really are such unique characters.

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Betty Bee Watercolour

Betty The Bee

This bee was buzzing around our garden one sunny afternoon. She was particularly fuzzy and the yellow shone through as she went about her work. Betty started out as a personal painting, in honesty I wasn't sure if people would like a bee in their homes. However, I loved her so much I had to try and fortunately this busy bee has become one of our best sellers!

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Fraser the Kingfisher Watercolour

Fraser the Kingfisher

Fraser is a stunning Kingfisher that we where fortunate enough to glimpse along the River Leven near Kinross. The vibrant flash of blue and orange as he dashed along river was mesmerising and I knew I had to paint him and use those incredible colours.

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Harriet the Hare Watercolour

Harriet the Hare

I am fortunate to be surrounded by fields at home, meaning I quite often get to see these beautiful animals. After a few weeks of spotting one regularly I felt compelled to paint one of these intelligent looking creatures. Harriett came from a local field near to Loch Leven in Kinross.

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Olive the Otter

Otters can be tricky to spot and many a day was passed trying to find one. Fortunately, after a tip from a very helpful local, we spotted Olive. Overlooking Loch Sunart, it couldn't have been more magical and I wanted to capture that moment with this beautiful, playful animal.

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Cedric the Badger Watercolour

Cedric the Badger

During a holiday on the Ardnamurchan Peninsular we where fortunate to have around 5 badgers visit our holiday cottage every night. This resulted in a lot of late nights spent watching these inquisitive creatures for hours. I decided as soon as they arrived that I was going to paint Cedric. He was the bravest of the bunch, coming right up to the windows.

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