Christmas Designs

Welcome to Victoria's Christmas range! 

We have an animal for every one of Santa's Reindeer, all ready for Christmas with their whimsical festive attire. Like all of our animals, they have their own personal story. Read below to find out more and shop your favorites!

Rudolph the Robin

Rudolph takes the form as a Robin in this Christmas Collection. Ready for Christmas in his Santa Hat!

Referenced from a handsome Robin in our garden near Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland.

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Comet the Cow

Iconic when thinking of Scotland, the Highland Cow had to feature in this range. Hamish has also been taken to heart my many of you and is one of our favorite designs! Therefore, we have given him a Christmas make over, ready for the festive season.

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Blitzen the Bear

Blitzen is actually the very handsome Polar Bear named Walker, from the Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorms! He is ready for his Christmas dinner with his cracker hat.

We snapped his photo during one of our regular trips to the park as park of my work with the RZSS.

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Dasher the Deer

Dasher is a stunning Red Stag, from Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan, Scotland.

He is adorned with baubles and even has a present in his mouth, ready to help Santa with his deliveries.

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Vixen the Fox

When thinking about Santa’s Reindeer names, this gorgeous Fox seemed the perfect fit for Vixen. As, a female fox is indeed known as a Vixen.


Ready for Christmas in her Santa hat, this fox is originally from Ardnamurchan. Photographed during one of our many holidays on the west

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Dancer the Ducklings

We spotted these super cute
Ducklings during Spring along the River Leven near Kinross. Representing Dancer in this collection because of the way they danced across the river! 

This design is only available on cards.

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Prancer the Pine Martin

Prancer had to be a Pine Martin due to the way they prance along when they move! This adorable guy was in our garden during a holiday in Ardnamurchan, Scotland. He visited us every day during our holiday, eating the pine nuts we put out for him.

This design is only available in cards.

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Donner the Donkey

This design is inspired by my grandma and her faith. We have a field close to us which is home to this very cute Donkey and I felt fit for a Christmas design perfectly. Referenced from a Donkey near Loch Leven, Kinross, Scotland.

This design is only available in cards.

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Cupid the Capercaillie

Capercaillies are endangered in the wild and very difficult to come across in Scotland, as they only call the Cairngorms their home. We where fortunate to see this handsome chap during a guided photography tour in the Cairngorms national Park.

This design is only available in cards.

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