The Christmas Seconds Sale!

What is a second? 

As I make everything by hand, sometimes I make mistakes in printing or find small flaws in a finished item. Some seconds are also end of line products and designs. I wouldn't sell you anything that I wouldn't have in my own home.

There is a very Limited Availability, so don't delay as the product you want may be gone very quickly! 

**Please note that product images are for illustration only and are not the exact items you will receive.**

How are they Graded?

My seconds are split into two separate categories depending on the scale of the faults, these are grades 1 and 2.  

Grade 1 Seconds:

This is the higher grade of seconds and therefore have smaller faults. All Grade 1 seconds have slight faults in printing or small flaws in the finished item. This may be slightly faded or out of focus printing. It could also be a end of line product or design.

Grade 2 Seconds: 

Products in Grade 2 are similar the Grade 1, however, have more significant faults and flaws. This could be in the printed area or the finished item. 

* Please note, refunds can not be accepted on items purchased in the Seconds Sale. 

* Please note, that each products is individual, meaning there may be differences in the colour or print quality between each individual item, therefore, if purchasing multiple they may differ. 

* Products come without the promotional packaging, such as Mug Boxes or Belly Bands. However, everything will be posted and packed to my usual high standard to avoid damages.