‘By using my artistic talents I capture the essence of our favourite animals and bring them to a cherished audience.’

Victoria Gordon

About Me

I'm Victoria and in 2019 I created Victoria Gordon Art. It all started in my kitchen after being diagnosed with a debilitating illness. This left me stuck at home, unable to work or continue my degree. That was when my partner gifted me some watercolours and the journey started...

Fast forward 3 years and I am the proud owner of a business creating artwork and producing a range of products featuring my designs.

About the Business

Victoria Gordon Art has grown into a business that now includes a studio and workshop. This allows me to take an idea all the way through to producing products myself all within the grounds of my home. This ensures the highest quality products that are as individual as the Wildlife featured on them.

My inspiration comes from a genuine love of the wildlife around me in Scotland. All of my paintings have their own story which you can discover using the link below.

Design Information

My Team

We are a small, independently run
business. The team consists of myself, Victoria (artist & maker).

My partner David (also partner in business) and photographer who initially captures the animals I paint.

And not forgetting the real stars of the show, our dogs Tia & Griff (the social media stars).