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Framed Original Betty the Bee

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Framed Original Watercolour Betty the Bee from Victoria Gordon Art


This bee was buzzing around our garden one sunny afternoon. She was particularly fuzzy and the yellow shone through as she went about her work. Betty started out as a personal painting, in honesty I wasn't sure if people would like a bee in their homes. However, I loved her so much I had to try and fortunately this busy bee has become one of our best sellers!

These paintings are one of a kind, making them some of the most exciting products available from Victoria Gordon Art.  

Hand painted using the highest quality products and professionally framed using a local framer using clear colour reflection control glass which minimises reflections whilst helping to protect the artwork from harmful UV light

It all starts with locating, spending time and photographing with the subject without disturbing these fantastic animals.

Then hours of painting, building up the layers of detail in each animal before heading off to the local framer to showcase the art.

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