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What is a second? 

As I make everything by hand, sometimes I make mistakes in printing or find small flaws in a finished item. Some seconds are also end of line products and designs. I wouldn't sell you anything that I wouldn't have in my own home.

**Please note that product images are for illustration only and are not the exact items you will receive.**

How are they Graded?

My seconds are split into two separate categories depending on the scale of the faults, these are grades 1 and 2.  

Grade 1 Seconds:

This is the higher grade of seconds and therefore have smaller faults. All Grade 1 seconds have slight faults in printing or small flaws in the finished item. This may be slightly faded or out of focus printing. It could also be a end of line product or design.

Grade 2 Seconds: 

Products in Grade 2 are similar the Grade 1, however, have more significant faults and flaws. This could be in the printed area or the finished item. 

* Please note, refunds can not be accepted on items purchased in the Seconds Sale. 

* Please note, that each products is individual, meaning there may be differences in the colour or print quality between each individual item, therefore, if purchasing multiple they may differ. 

Seconds Sale


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33 products

Designed & Printed in Scotland

Victoria handmakes each individual product at her home workshop, over looking Loch Leven in Kinross.

This ensures the highest quality products that are as individual as the Wildlife featured on them.

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